Dead and Buried

If you have been craving an online shooter and you own touch controller, you better already being playing this VR gem!


A budget on the rails shooter that delivers in relaxation, challenge and unique mechanics.

Drop Dead

An on-the-rails shooter that delivers on gameplay and fun.

Hyper Void

Hyper Void is a classic Space shooter with some nice visuals and it doesn't hold back when it comes to challenge!

Lethal VR

Touted as an FBI training game, Lethal VR has you taking out targets in a variety of simulations that would bea tonne fun, except for the frustratingly busted controls.

Pixel Gear

Armed with machine guns and sniper rifles you fight off ghosts and skeltons in this budget turret shooter.

EVE Valkyrie

EVE Valkyrie may just be one of the best experiences in VR but it's not without flaws.

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