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Ultrawings 2

Return to the skies in Ultrawings 2 as you complete hundreds of missions across an island-themed world!


Fly through synthwave skies in this combat racer.

Star Wars Squadrons

Squadrons has you in the role of pilots on both sides of the war between the Empire and New Republic.

Pirate Flight

Pirate Flight aims to make flying in VR as simplistic as possible as you race, fly through rings and shoot balloons.


Ultrawings is a solid flight simulator and those looking to experience flight in VR will probably like this a fair bit!

The First Class VR

The First Class VR offers some breathtaking cinematic moments from humanity's most pivotal moments in flight.

VTOL VR (Early Access)

VTOL VR is the best flight simulator in VR.

Final Approach / Final Approach Pilot Edition

Either version of Final Approach is a tonne of family friendly fun with a host of objectives that spice up the game play. The Pilot Edition supports a gamepad and completely changes the way the control your aircraft. Either version is a must play

Cavernous Wastes

Prepare to descend(that's a pun) into unknown caverns and fight your way to both a finish and answers to your predicament. Just don't expect to beat the game as luck is as much a factor as skill in this crazy difficult shooter.

Bandit Six: Combined Arms

Man the guns in this WWII action oriented wave shooter! 2 games in 1 plus a lot of replay means you'll be dispatching Axis foes all the live long day.

Race the Sun

The gameplay here may be simple, but the execution is near flawless. The updated VR mode however feels more like a missed opportunity than anything else.

Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One X-Wing VR Mission

X-Wing Mission is one of the most amazing experiences available in VR and is hopefully just a glimpse of what's to come.

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