The Exorcist: Legion (Chapters 1 to 3)

The Exorcist aims to bring some scares your way in this episodic horror series.

Football Nation VR Tournament

Football Nation VR Tournament is VRFC with a very nice new coat of paint and some additional features

Rooms The Unsolvable Puzzle

Rooms The Unsolvable Puzzle contains a tonne of content and challenge geared toward those who love complex problems.

Zombie Grenades Practice

Zombie Grenades Practice is exactly as it sounds with you lobbing different types of grenades at zombies in a quest to get the highest score.

Homestar VR

Homestar VR brings the night sky to your headset along with a little education about the stars.

Climbey (Early Access)

Climbey takes you on a mission to make it to the top of whatever the game throws in front of you.


Primordian is a first-person action adventure that takes place in a dark fantasy world

Along Together

Along Together is a classic style puzzle-platfomer brought to VR

The Perfect Sniper

The Perfect Sniper gives us a single player campaign where you are tasked with taking out the mob, one member at a time.


TO THE TOP is a single or multiplayer super-hero parkour first person platformer and racing game.

BattleSky VR

BattleSky VR is a multiplayer focused shooter that has you flying across the skies to take care of the competition


Quickshot is a wave shooter that spices things up with some dodging mechanics

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