Blasters of the Universe

If you want to play a funny, retro-arcade, bullet-hell, first-person-shooting VR game, this is the only title that satisfies such a niche craving. Some of the most fun you can have in VR!


The futuristic story may be a bit shallow, but the frenetic dual wielding action, including swords, is absolute joy!

RuneSage (Early Access)

Spell casting, puzzle solving and scavenger hunting in a fantasy world make a game than may be cumbersome to some, but invest a few hours and the world and its intricacies begin to show, leading to a relaxed and fun exploration title.

Mars 2030

If the concept of exploring a beautiful rendition of the real-life red planet sounds exciting to you, then you’ll absolutely love this game/experience.

Sneaky Bears

Sneaky Bears doesn't do a lot for the wave shooting genre and has lost much of the charm that carried the mobile version.

The Purge Day

The Purge Day feels like the mobile port it is with bland visuals, basic gameplay and a short campaign.

Hangry Bunnies from Mars

Hangry Bunnies from Mars is a fun and exciting wave-shooting FPS that delivers on all its promises with a high-quality game, but also fails to provide nearly enough content value.

Mountain Mind – Headbanger’s VR

If you are into Stoner Rock and headbanging, this is for you. For everybody else, this is probably a pass.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul strives for horror greatness but falls short with unnecessary gameplay options and a convoluted plot. Those faults aside, there are some scares to be had in this creepy house of horrors.

Neptune Flux

Neptune Flux tickles that exploration and puzzle solving itch. Coupled with an intriguing storyline and budget price, this is probably worth your time.

The Wizards (Early Access)

With a groundbreakingly fun spellcasting system and beautiful visuals, it's just to bad, in it's current state, there just isn't enough content

Just In Time Incorporated

Being a time traveling super human insurance agent has never been more fun and though it may not look great, the slow motion action is a joy!

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