Cargo Cult: Shoot’n’Loot VR

Cargo Cult is decently fun, but ultimately forgettable way to kill an hour, only succeeding with generic shooter tropes.

Blue Effect VR

Blue Effect is a wave-shooting, sci-fi horror VR game that delivers a unique, but short-lived thrill.

Space Pirate and Zombies 2

SPAZ 2 is a great melding of RTS and space action elements in a fleshed out universe with loads of content and fun!

Copter and Sky

Copter is a drone "simulator" that is devoid of any entertainment value...stay away.

Dead Effect 2 VR

Dead Effect 2 VR contains monumental content value, consistently fun and immersive first person combat, and addictive RPG mechanics that are all great and made greater in VR.

Flairtender (Early Access)

*Updated* - Flairtender puts you in the roll of a bartender tasked with making a plethora of drinks. Unfortunately, the lack of any core gaming motivations make this feel like just drink making simulator and not much else.

VTOL VR (Early Access)

VTOL VR is the best flight simulator in VR.

Sneaky Bears

Sneaky Bears has received an update that makes the game more fun, challenging and replayable. If your looking for a wave shooter, than this one is now alright.

Heaven Forest NIGHTS

Heaven Forest NIGHTS is an interesting walking simulator with some cool set pieces, but that's about it.

Operation Warcade

Operation Warcade is an addictive, adrenaline-filled shooter with some unique mechanics and a large amount of content!

Skyworld is coming!

Skyworld is coming. A tabletop RTS that looks pretty slick!


Headmaster relies on 1 mechanic; head butting a ball. What's built around that mechanic is some of the most fun you can have in VR!

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