Disco Destruction

Disco Destruction is an arcade DJ game, built for VR.


Audica arms you with 2 guns and has you shooting a variety of targets to the beats as they appear before you.

Art Pulse

Art Pulse blends artistic and musical creation into 1 experience.

Synth Riders

Synth Riders lets you experience incredible music in low fi 80's sci-fi inspired settings.

Track Lab

Track Lab lets you create custom electronic music tracks in glorious VR.


Electronauts lets you be a DJ in VR and remix 40 songs to your hearts delight

Audio Beats

Audio Beats has you behind the drum set as you match the beats from a few J-Pop tracks


Audioshied is a rhythm game where your interaction with music is taken to the next level.

Audio Arena

Audio Arena is a single player game where the in-game music creates the game around you.

Happy Drummer

Happy Drummer is all about playing drums in VR in classic rhythm game action.

Mountain Mind – Headbanger’s VR

If you are into Stoner Rock and headbanging, this is for you. For everybody else, this is probably a pass.

Seabed Prelude (2nd opinion)

If Rock Band was a Bioshock mod...despite its interesting style that can be fun at times, performance issues and poor design choices take this otherwise unique premise to low depths.

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