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RuneSage (Early Access)

Spell casting, puzzle solving and scavenger hunting in a fantasy world make a game than may be cumbersome to some, but invest a few hours and the world and its intricacies begin to show, leading to a relaxed and fun exploration title.

The Tower

It isn’t perfect, but if your looking for a platformer where you gotta duck and dodge death at every corner and get a little physical, than this is for you!

VRZ: Torment

It's not just another Zombie shooter, it's a zombie shooter with a plenty of action, exploration and awesomeness!

Twisted Arrow

Twisted Arrow is a fun, solid action filled bow-shooter that lacks depth, but still delivers on the gameplay!

Heroes of the Seven Seas VR

Take to the seas as a pirate hero in this budget title. It brings a lot to the table, and if your not expecting a lot, you may be pleasantly suprised.


Theseus feels like many adventure games you have played before, but it's a whole new monster in VR and serves the genre well!


Archangel has you at the helm of a mech in this on-the-rails shooter with a great narrative that makes you feel like you are driving a walking war machine...and that's never a bad thing.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Bridge Crew delivers an unparalleled co-op VR experience that both fans and non-fans of the franchise are sure to enjoy!


Windlands is a game about exploring at your own pace. A zen like VR experience worth taking a look at.


Chronos is an epic fantasy adventure that is mesmerizing, challenging and so satisfying. Unique game mechanics ,stunning visuals and a fully fleshed out campaign make this a must purchase!

The Ruins: VR Escape the Room.

These ruins offer up some great use of room scale coupled with some nice visuals. Unfortunately, the experience is one of the shortest available.


Take the skies and fly through cliffs and mountains sides in frenetic single or multiplayer wing-suit race. It's a lot of fun though the gameplay does play itself out a little fast.

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