Gear VR

Dead Secret Circle

Dead Secret Circle is sequel to Dead Secret and improves upon the original in almost every way!

Big Breezy Boat

Big Breezy Boat is a light sailing sim that aims to be a more relaxing experience

The Eerie Inn

The Eerie Inn offers up a classic taste of B-Movie Horror...only in a VR game!

Dead Secret

Dead secret offers up a mystery/horror tale loaded with suspense and intrigue

Saving Princess Maya Ep. 1

Saving Princess Maya Ep. 1 is an exploration puzzler set in a fantasy world rife with content.

Sneaky Bears RollerCoaster

Care to take a ride on a rollercoaster in a toy factory surrounded by homicidal bears?

Twobit Odyssey

Twobit Odyssey is a 3D platform puzzler that has you guiding a spherical robot through a variety of fun and challenging puzzles.


Sunken is a VR scavenger hunt/memorization game that takes you to depths of the ocean in a sunken ship!

Treasure Hunter VR

Treasure Hunter VR is great puzzle game for first-timers in VR for a good price. Veterans of the VR puzzle genre though may be left wanting.

Death Horizon

Death Horizon offers up some stock first-person zombie killing fun with some nice visuals and a fun, though short, campaign.

End Space

End Space is one of the best games available for the Gear VR and if you like Space combat shooters than you owe it to yourself to buy it...right now!

Radial-G: Infinity-X

This might not be the racer your looking for, but it's a pretty decent 'runner' type game if your looking for a challenege.

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