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Townsmen VR (Early Access)

Townsmen VR is some classic RTS/Godlike action.

Animal Force

Animal Force is an odd Tower Defence type game with a few local vs modes as well.

Salary Man Escape

Salary Man Escape challenges you to solve a plethora of physics-based puzzles

Just In Time Incorporated

Just In Time Incorporated is a unique slow motion based puzzler where you travel through time to save a variety of people.


SUPER AMAZEBALLS is a stellar little maze based physics puzzler that could only work in VR.

Brass Tactics

Brass Tactics is a solid VR RTS from the makers of Age of Empires 2

Star Drone VR

Star Drone is a physics based action game loaded with content...provided you enjoy the same thing over and over and...


VirtuGO is a simple, puzzle game based around 1 mechanic and it's budget price is its saving grace.

Perfect Angle VR – Zen Edition

Perfect angle is a pretty cool concept that should work better in VR...sadly this not the case in this unique, but flawed puzzler.

Attack of the Bugs

Prepare to defend yourself against hordes of enemy insects in this fun shooter/strategy hybrid.


Skyworld offers up an amazing Fantasy RTS tabletop game that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy!

No Heroes Allowed! VR

No Heroes Allowed is an interesting take on the god-like RTS genre and carries a tonne of polish and charm!

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