Catlateral Damage

If you have ever wanted to be cat, now is your best chance. That said, being a cat gets boring fast.

Trackmania Turbo(VR Content)

Trackmania is an arcade style, over-the-top racer and the VR content matches that insanity...there just isn't enough of it.


If you are into getting your fortune told than this may be something for you. If not than you should probably stay away.


Bound is a classic 3D platformer with some stellar visuals and it's own unique feel, but a few flaws hold this back from greatness.

Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within is a social VR game that relies heavily upon trust and lies, and it's damned fun!

Here They Lie

If you are into horror than you need to play this. Flaws aside, survival horror was meant for VR and you will be scared to look around every corner.

Crystal Rift

A fantastic old school dungeon crawler with an old school difficulty level.

How We Soar

How We Soar is more of an experience than a game. With that said, it's pretty awesome.


Holoball is pure, simple VR awesomeness. It's sci-fi virtual racquetball and it works great!

O! My Genesis VR

O! My Genesis VR is a God-like strategy game with a cutesy visual style and may be worth the few bucks it's asking for.

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