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Dead Effect 2 VR

Dead Effect 2 VR contains monumental content value, consistently fun and immersive first person combat, and addictive RPG mechanics that are all great and made greater in VR.


DWVR is a solid game at its core that is plagued by glitches and while none of them are game breaking, when combined they do hold the game back.

Blasters of the Universe

If you want to play a funny, retro-arcade, bullet-hell, first-person-shooting VR game, this is the only title that satisfies such a niche craving. Some of the most fun you can have in VR!


The futuristic story may be a bit shallow, but the frenetic dual wielding action, including swords, is absolute joy!

Hangry Bunnies from Mars

Hangry Bunnies from Mars is a fun and exciting wave-shooting FPS that delivers on all its promises with a high-quality game, but also fails to provide nearly enough content value.

VRZ: Torment

It's not just another Zombie shooter, it's a zombie shooter with a plenty of action, exploration and awesomeness!

Twisted Arrow

Twisted Arrow is a fun, solid action filled bow-shooter that lacks depth, but still delivers on the gameplay!


SUPERHOT is one of the most innovative shooters in recent memory and a must play for everyone! This is what VR is all about!

The Brookhaven Experiment

Shooting horrid monsters has never been more fun. Add in some suspense and horror elements and this is a pretty sweet game! Plus it now has Aim support!

Starblood Arena

Starblood Arena is a chaotic 6 DoF shooter that for the most part is impressive, but a few key issues hold it back from greatness


We take a 2nd look at SUPERHOT, this time on the Vive, and confirm that this is a must own VR title!

Farpoint w/ Aim Controller

Farpoint is the game many of us have been waiting for. It's a stock, traditional shooter that you've played before...but the combination of VR and the Aim controller makes this a gem!

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