VR Invaders

VR Invaders is a gorgeous game with some of the best FPS gameplay available for the PSVR. The short campaign and limited replayabilty hold this back from greatness.

Stolen Steel

Stolen Steel wants to show you how sword based VR combat could be, but poor mechanics make this more potential than anything else

Pavlov VR(Early Access)

Pavlov may be early access, but what it showcases how multiplayer FPS should work in VR!


SUPERHOT puts you in control of time itself in one one the most unique First Person Shooters you have ever played!

Ghostbusters is Hiring: Firehouse

Ghostbusters VR is all promise and not much in the way of delivery. It's also insanely short and barely starts before it ends.

Pixel Gear

Armed with machine guns and sniper rifles you fight off ghosts and skeltons in this budget turret shooter.

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