Afterlife is a VR short film surrounding a family's struggles with the loss of a loved one.


ZED is a narrative experience where you journey through surreal landscapes spanning one man’s memories.


Fugl has you controlling a bird and visiting many exotic environments teeming with wildlife

Project Lux

Project Lux is a narrative tale focused in philosophical discussion...and murder!

A Night at the Forum

A Night at the Forum has you exploring a piece of history in VR.

Eleven Eleven

Eleven has you following the final moments of a worlds destruction through the eyes of several characters

Raid on the Ruhr

Raid on the Ruhr is a harrowing interactiv experience recreating a pivotal WW2 moment.

Apollo 11 VR HD

Apollo 11 VR HD is a revamped version of the 2016 title of the same name with some improved visuals


Déraciné is narrative driven tale where you exist as a faerie during moments in time in a boarding school.

The Great C

The Great C is a VR Short Film adapting a classic, surreal story from Phillip K Dyck

The Grand Museum

The Grand Museum brings the Museum experience to your VR headset.

The Chantry

The Chantry is an educational experience about Smallpox with some light gaming elements.

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