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Tower Defence


IRON GUARD VR is a sci-fi tower defense game made in the spirit of classic RTS games.

Captain ToonHead vs The Punks from Outer Space

Captain ToonHead is a VR 1st person tower defense/shooter game with some 90's flare.

Vigilante Ranger

Vigilante Ranger has you facing off against hordes of killer robots in first-person tower defence action

Animal Force

Animal Force is an odd Tower Defence type game with a few local vs modes as well.

Ancient Amuletor

Choose 1 of 5 character and start dispatching waves of enemies in this FPS/Tower Defence/Wave Shooter! Best played with friends and now with new content!!!


Castle Storm is a hybrid Angry Birds-esque strategy, action, platformer and it's combination of all those elements make it a unique entry in VR gaming and it has multiplayer.

Keep Defending

Keep Defending is classic FPS tower defence in VR. Nothing more and nothing less.

Evil Robot Traffic Jam

A well balanced tower defence title that works great in VR and carries with it a fair bit of charm and challenge...and robots!!!


Korix is a blending of the RTS and Tower Defence genre's and for the most part works great!

Pixel Gear

Armed with machine guns and sniper rifles you fight off ghosts and skeltons in this budget turret shooter.

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