Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge

Tales From The Galaxy's Edge takes you on a Star Wars VR adventure like no other.

Spaceteam VR

Spaceteam VR is a chaotic, cooperative party game where you shout technobabble at your friends until your spaceship inevitably explodes.


Form is an atmospheric, sci-fi puzzle game that presents varied challenges in a beautiful, surreal and avante-garde sci-fi environment.

The Tower 2

The Tower 2 sets you on a VR obstacle course like no other inspired by 80's sci-fi and Parkour

Scraper: First Strike Ep. 1

Scraper: First Strike is the first episode in this FPS that has you facing an army of terrorist robots.

Eden Tomorrow

Eden Tomorrow is a sci-fi epic with an emphasis on story telling and exploring the unknown.

Boxing Apocalypse

Boxing Apocalypse takes pugilism to the stars, but that may not be such a good thing.

Star Trek Bridge Crew: TNG DLC

Star Trek Bridge Crew The Next Generation DLC attempts to breathe new life into this co-op multiplayer sci-fi simulator

Infinity Fall

Infinity Fall is a sci-fi themed, single player VR shooter that takes place entirely in zero gravity.

End Space

End Space is a stock, single player space shooter that still pretty darned fun!


Jupiteration is a fun 'don't judge a book by its cover' wave shooter with ugly visuals, but solid gameplay and a decent asking price.

Syndrome (VR Content)

Syndrome offers up a decent VR survival mode that just gets ruined by some very poor design choices and dated visuals.

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