Quar: Infernal Machines / Battle for Gate 18

Quar: Battle for Gate 18 is a turn-based strategic VR game set in the grimsical world of Alwyd.

The Wizards

The Wizards has you battling hordes of orcs with a variety of spells.

Summer Funland

Summer Funland is a collection of carnival games and attractions in a fantastic theme park.

Verti-go Home

Verti-Go Home is an endless runner that challenges you to climb the leaderboards

Honor & Duty: D-Day

Honor & Duty: D-Day is a WW2 Multiplayer Shooter supporting up to 32 players.

The ArcSlinger

The Arcslinger is a wave shooter set in a futuristic western world.

Dick Wilde 2

Dick Wilde 2 gives us a sequel to the very challenging wave shooter from a few years ago.

ChromaGun VR

ChromaGun VR arms you with a paint gun and tasks you with painting walls to solve puzzles.

Eden Tomorrow

Eden Tomorrow is a sci-fi epic with an emphasis on story telling and exploring the unknown.

XING: The Land Beyond

XING: The Land Beyond, an atmospheric first-person puzzle adventure in the peaceful land of the dead

Fear of Bugs – The Fear Experience

Fear of Bugs places you in a room full of roaches and challenges you not to panic.

Rage Room

Rage Room tasks you with beating up dummies with an assortment of weapons

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