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Dragonride VR

DragonRide VR lets you fly on or control a dragon in several game modes

Darkness Rollercoaster – Ultimate Shooter Edition

Darkness Rollercoaster: Ultimate Shooter Edition is a collection of coaster rides with shooting and rhythm elements

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Joyride

Build and ride your own coasters in VR

RollerCoaster Legends 2: Thor’s Hammer

RollerCoaster Legend's 2: Thor's Hammer gives us a cart ride through Norse mythology.

Sneaky Bears RollerCoaster

Care to take a ride on a rollercoaster in a toy factory surrounded by homicidal bears?

RollerCoaster Legends

If you are looking a rollercoaster sim with a fantastical twist...this may be exactly what you are looking for

Radial G: Racing Revolved

Radial G: Racing Revolved is a merging of Sci-fi racing and rollercoasters and is an absolute blast to play, though at times struggles against its own designs

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