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HTC Vive

Final Approach / Final Approach Pilot Edition

Either version of Final Approach is a tonne of family friendly fun with a host of objectives that spice up the game play. The Pilot Edition supports a gamepad and completely changes the way the control your aircraft. Either version is a must play

Manifest 99

Manifest 99 is not a game at all, but rather a beautiful and haunting short story that tugs on your emotions like no other.

Sairento VR (Early Access)

It's time to get your hack, slash and shoot on in this VR ninja game that kicks a lot of ass!!!

VRZ: Torment

It's not just another Zombie shooter, it's a zombie shooter with a plenty of action, exploration and awesomeness!

Twisted Arrow

Twisted Arrow is a fun, solid action filled bow-shooter that lacks depth, but still delivers on the gameplay!

Heroes of the Seven Seas VR

Take to the seas as a pirate hero in this budget title. It brings a lot to the table, and if your not expecting a lot, you may be pleasantly suprised.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Bridge Crew delivers an unparalleled co-op VR experience that both fans and non-fans of the franchise are sure to enjoy!

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