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Well damn. If COMPOUND isn’t one of the funnest, most cool demos to get someone into Vive, then I don’t know what is. If you have any friend sitting on the fence about VR who grew up playing Doom, Wolfenstein, Rise of the Triad, Shadow Warrior, then this game is going to grab them by the balls and swing them around a few times. While only a demo, the showcase for things to come in the near future is a work of love by developer.

Essentially a procedurally generated rogue-like, this game grows harder level by level. Promising over 30+ weapons by the time it’s it’s done, the old-school graphics, fantastic control scheme options and immersion will draw you in and keep you shooting until you’re sweating (IRL) bullets (in-game).

The developer is laying the framework for a full game via his demo, consistently patching and updating it until he feels the demo has all of the required mechanics required for a full game, then launching the full game eventually.

Control wise, the game is a dream. Personally, using the touchpad for movement was very welcome, easy to use, and it’s movement speed was perfect. It is slower and more accurate than most touchpad movement systems I’ve used where the slightest accidental touch makes you jerk around like a maniac. Creeping up to walls to check corners and peek around, blast a couple rounds then ducking back to avoid the incoming fire was a treat, as the enemies (and yourself’s) projectile/bullet speed is more akin to DOOM than Rainbow Six, giving you time to dodge out of the way and strafe with return fire accordingly.

Not only is the game a great throwback to retro-gaming, the develop is active (especially on Reddit), takes feedback from players, and is really looking to hone this into a top-notch upcoming VR title. I recommend diving in full force right now with the demo, and be prepared to hop onto the COMPOUND train when it releases. I personally cannot wait.

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