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mini games

Loco Dojo Unleashed

Test your silliest skills in this hilariously competitive single or multiplayer VR mini-game collection.


Shoot, eat, throw, slice, feed, hit, catch and more in RADtv, a hot-seat multiplayer VR party game

Summer Funland

Summer Funland is a collection of carnival games and attractions in a fantastic theme park.

Pierhead Arcade

Pierhead Arcade delivers 15 different mini-games for a budget price, one of which is bowling!

Carnival Games VR w/ Adventure Alley DLC! (Updated)

Carnival Games is a collection of mini games that treads familiar VR territory but has enough positives to warrant a recommendation, including the DLC.

Sports Bar

Sports Bar is a mini game collection that works well sometimes but for the most comes up short.

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