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Other Worlds

Other Worlds is a deeply immersive VR experience that allows players to experience the awe and beauty of being inside a painting.”  That description is apt enough and really should determine if this is an app for you.  Available from the Oculus store for $2 is this virtual tour through the macabre.

You are given the choice of 3 different worlds to visit, each showcasing a different theme and visual style.  Within each stage you can navigate to 3 different points to gain all new views and see things just out of view from the previous waypoint.  Added to that are “random” events that occur in each level.  They add to what you are experiencing and give this app a little extra substance.


I really don’t want to spoil the imagery here so I’ve chosen something that doesn’t spoil the other, much cooler visuals

Powered by the Unreal Engine this app offers some very impressive visuals.  Each stage is stunning in it’s own odd way.  Without spoiling any of crazy imagery what’s here is really fun to look at…for a few minutes.  That is ultimately the problem with this/these types of experiences as they are usually short.  Unless you are one of those people who just loves art and could spend hours staring at a painting, I think the average person will immerse themselves in this app for few minutes in each world before bowing out and never playing again.  The audio here is just some melodic tracks and sound effects to signal the random events, it fits well with what you are viewing.

There really isn’t much else to say as there isn’t a lot here.  In the app description it says to “Meditate, listen to music or audiobooks while sitting in your own corner of the universe”. Alright, sure if you want but it’s not for me and may not be for many people.  I did look the artist up after I finished with this experience and it was kind of cool to see some of the imagery here in a much earlier form, he’s obviously a pretty talented guy.  If you do enjoy some stylized, dark imagery than there is definitely something here worth taking in, just don’t expect to spend a long time in this app.


  • Great, macabre images
  • Different Views offer hidden sights
  • Made me check out the artist, nice work!


  • Not a lot of content unless you like staring at art
  • little replayabilty


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