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Dan’s Top HTC Vive Games of 2017

Dan’s Top HTC Vive Games of 2017

2017 was a huge year in terms of great VR releases. Now that it’s come to a close, let’s take a look at some of the best games released this year.

  1. Blasters of the Universe


Blasters of the Universe is a wave-shooter done perfectly. This game has you physically dancing to avoid attacks from a wide variety of enemies, using one of endless weapon and shield combinations to blast them away. This game is endlessly replayable, with exciting and satisfying combat. Its theme is unique, and provides a one-of-a-kind experience.

  1. Dead Effect 2 VR

A once generic game, Dead Effect 2’s addition of VR makes it among the best FPS-RPGs available for the Vive. Although its story falls flat on many occasions, Dead Effect 2 is a lengthy, sprawling adventure with tons of loot and abilities. A huge variety of bonus missions add content and replay value, keeping me engaged until the very end. This game uses VR integration perfectly, immersing you in the environment with excellent interactivity. Dead Effect 2 VR is an action-adventure classic, and undoubtedly one of the deepest shooters available for VR.

  1. Gorn

Gorn is one of the simplest, yet most innovative action games I’ve ever played. A unique physics system allows all your most sadistic dreams to come true: Rip your enemies’ hearts out with a spear, bash their brains in with a hammer, or slice them into pieces with a sword. The choice is yours. You can even tear them apart with your bare hands, or slam them into the ground until their bodies explode. Gorn is the most popular game among my friends, who demand a turn every day. It’s currently my most played game, never losing its charm and only becoming more fun as I get better. Gorn is a must-buy for anyone who appreciates over-the-top violence.

  1. Skyworld

An exciting blend of real-time and turn-based strategy genres, this game is a dream-come-true for fans of strategy or board games. The player is granted a fully interactive, 3-dimensional hilltop to build their village however they like. Strategic decisions are asked of the player at every step, yet the experience runs smoothly and is easy to play, regardless of your skill in strategy games. Skyworld even features a YuGiOh style of real-time strategy combat, with the player selecting a card off their wrist and casting it as a live soldier on the battlefield. Well-designed and fully immersive, Skyworld is a must-have for any fans of strategy games.

  1. Raw Data

Raw Data lets you play as four different characters, each with unique and powerful weapons and abilities that make each round feel like a totally different game. It’s campaign is long and interactive, with gorgeous and varied maps that keep the game exciting until the very end. Mechanics such as a turret system and laser-dodging regularly mix up the gameplay, and keep it replayable. Cooperative play is well-designed, and finding someone to blast robots with you is always a thrill. The PvP multiplayer mode in Raw Data is an absolute joy to play, with addictive, class-based multiplayer that feels reminiscent of Halo. This game is executed near-perfectly, and stands as a VR classic that will be remembered well after 2018.

Let me know what your top 5 games were for the year in the comment section below!

I am a student studying journalism, neuroscience, and anthropology. I’ve been incredibly passionate about video games my entire life, playing on my custom-built PC daily since 2010. My love of sc-fi-esque futuristic technology, and being enchanted by the HTC Vive’s media demos, led me to save up for a Vive in September 2016. I play it all the time, and take every opportunity to show it off. I’ve always loved writing thought-out reviews on Steam, and my journalism degree only helps me take this further. I think gaming customers deserve to understand the unbiased, complete story of whether or not they should spend their money on a game they’re interested in, and I take pride and pleasure in helping guide this understanding. I also love playing the didgeridoo, running, science, and EDM. Review Platforms: HTC Vive

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