Filter(formerly known as Spectacle) is my 1st augmented reality VR review so I don’t really know how to rate this…but let’s try. The price point is fine at only $1.50 and it does exactly as advertised.  Using the pass through camera, this app allows you to apply different filters to what you are looking at and take a snap shot.  You can quickly upload your pics to the social media account of your choice and carry on with your filtered reality viewing. Some of the filters definitely work “better” than others with some fun, creative filters.  If you’re familiar with Photoshop, you get the idea.  Others however are, in my opinion, almost pointless as they render what you are looking at into a glob of shapes/lines/colors that make more of a mess than a cool photo.


Fun times!!!

With all that said, this is the starting point for augmented reality, and at a cheap price point i kind of recommend it, especially to those that do share images online or if you just like messing with the world around you.  It’s interesting enough to show off to others or view your living room with some crazy filters and at a low price point, it’s hard to go to wrong.


  • simple
  • easy to upload
  • low price


  • limited amount of filters
  • some filters are weak
  • does get old


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