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Herobound First Steps

A fun little dungeon crawler that has you playing as a little goblin dude armed with a sword roaming to 2 distinct dungeons (fire and water) collecting gems and killing baddies all in the name of???.  With little to no story to speak of you are left to kind of make up your own story so, not the best narrative.  The VR experience here isn’t quite what your used to as you control your hero with a gamepad while your view is that of a mounted camera, Following your little hero as he navigates room after room in search of loot.

first steps

Platforming and enemies and puzzles…oh my!

The visuals here are impressive enough, once again using a cartoony look to avoid the limitations of cell phone VR.  Graphics are crisp, clear and actually a joy to look at.  The developers clearly spent time making their game easy on the eyes.  This game does however feel more like non VR experience than VR.  The 3D visuals are great, but not really needed for the game, in fact the only reason why you need VR is that occasionally some loot may be hidden out of regular site so looking around may offer up a hidden area or two, and also firing your bow requires you to look directly at your target to fire, leaving you possibly off screen and vulnerable to attacks.  The sound as well is serviceable enough and I have no real complaints about it.

Gameplay wise, this game reminds me of an old Zelda game, minus the story.  It devolves pretty quickly into a hack and slash and grab loot experience, which is fun, but does get repetitive.  The biggest shining point here is the price…free! So you are getting a fair bit of value here.  A very basic, nicely polished dungeon crawler.


  • Free!
  • Nice visuals
  • Zelda(esque) gameplay


  • Super simple puzzles
  • Combat is repetitive
  • Lack of story


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