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Esper 2

So if you haven’t played Esper, you should stop reading this and read this instead (My Esper Review).  This is the sequel to that game and what a sequel it is.  Downloaded from the Oculus Store for $11.99, if you liked the first one, this one should do right by you as well.  If you are fan of challenginng puzzles, you need to download both of these games…. NOW!


This game improves every aspect of the first one. Play this now!!!

I can’t help but compare this to its predecessor only because it surpasses it every way.   In Esper, the game took place entirely in 1 room that changed around you.  In Esper 2 the game takes place all throughout a bunch of different environments ranging from a test facility to some outdoor areas.  This game looks similar to the previous game, but the added mix of levels put the visual experience here ahead of the previous game in this series.  Audio as well has been improved with multiple “testers” guiding you along with many more background radio broadcast and other messages that make for a more fun experience.

The gameplay here is the same as the previous game, only better…in every way.  You will require a Bluetooth controller.   Puzzles take place in larger rooms with way more depth along with adding new abilities continuing your evolution as a telekinetic puzzle solving machine.  Puzzles are similar, moving objects around the “room” while navigating obstacles.  Heavier objects, the ability to throw object and move them in all new ways make for some very complex puzzles and a fresh experience.  Yet those puzzles still never feel unfair.  They just require you to think and in some cases, think outside the box.   My advice for this game is the same as the last; if you get frustrated, take a break and come back, the solution always presents itself.  If you like brain teasers than this game (and the first) are a whole new brain teasing experience, and fun as well, with some well-placed humor scattered throughout the game.


The puzzles in this sequel are completely different from its predecessor.

I can’t recommend this/these games enough.  Fun, challenging and with great presentation you owe it to yourself to play both Esper titles.  It’s a borderline flawless experience that utilizes the Gear VR to the max.  But as I said, if you haven’t played Esper, get it, its half the price and still a ton of fun.  And if you’ve already played the first game, then why are you still reading this?! Play this now!!!


  • Fun fun fun fun fun!!!!
  • Great visuals and audio
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Can be frustrating when solutions arent readily apparent
  • If you don't like puzzles, stay away


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