This is an interesting game.  So many games mirror what this game offers, yet this one stands alone.  Downloaded from the Occulus Store for $11.99, you are a moving bullet and where you look is where you go.  Add to that an engaging story and fun visuals and this is a pretty solid package.


It’s only a moment in time, but every level is action packed

The visuals here are similar to many other games on the Gear VR.  Simple cell shaded geometric shapes put together to form the still frame environments around you.  However, the way these scenes are put together (and they are scenes) is a pleasure to look at.  With levels taking place in levels ranging from museums to the belly of a whale and even a super hero battle, you look forward with what this game is going to throw at you next.  Add to that an excellent soundtrack that adds to every level and an in between “test” guide to stitch these levels together into a cohesive experience.

You only need the headset to play this baby and it’s simple; look where you want to go.  The challenge lies in navigating through a level to its end.  You can’t stop once you start, in fact you only seem to speed up.  This game gets hectic and challenging…fast.  The only ability you have is slow-motion.  By touching the touchpad you slow down time allowing you to make precise motions when you need them, but it runs out so you need to use it sparingly.  Hitting anything means you restart the level, but you can see your previous path so navigation becomes easier.  The mechanics work great but this game still makes you work for victory.


Some of the imagery here is pretty impressive!

The presentation is stellar as each level is a test explained to you by Walter, the bodiless voice in your head.  The narrative between levels start off as filler but quickly changes into a story that has you wanting to know how it ends.  To play this thing, you’re going to need to stand up as you are required to turn 360° at a faster speed than an office chair will allow. It’s a great, engrossing experience, but it does become a challenge at later levels to the point that may turn away casual gamers.  On more than one occasion the visuals masked the proper path to take, but trial and error cleared those hurdles.  Also, every Saturday you get unlimited slow motion, which makes this game way easier to navigate and conquer.  It’s an experience worth paying for, but make no mistake, it is challenging.


  • Great visuals & sound
  • Challenging
  • Interesting story


  • Can be too challenging
  • Some visuals hide travel paths


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