Beach Bowling Dream VR

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Developer / Publisher – Lucid Dreams VR
Price – US $2.99 / EU €2.99 / UK £1.99
Release Date – December 2, 2016
Input – Tracked Motion Controllers, Gamepad, Keyboard/Mouse
Play Area –  Seated, Standing
Store – Steam
Reviewed on – HTC Vive

Beach Bowling Dream is a fun little time-waster. It plays like a mini-game, offering almost no content, but entertaining me with what little it has. If you like bowling, you’ll enjoy this game, for at least a few minutes.

On an relaxing, tropical beach environment, a ghost pirate demands you play at his bowling alley. Coconuts are lined up on a cart next to you, and wine bottles are lined up at the other end of a lane like bowling pins. The game doesn’t keep track of your score, without any stakes for winning or losing. Throwing a ball at the treasure chest also switches the map to an ocean environment, which I found more relaxing than the standard beach.

Beach Bowling Dream is incredibly simple, making it a solid VR-party game

The physics in Beach Bowling Dream are acceptable, but for a bowling game, they’re a bit lackluster. Balls feel like coconuts, and pins feel like wine bottles. These physics might be a bit realistic given the items, but not for real-life bowling. You can easily throw coconuts overhand, and bottles are sometimes harder to knock down than real pins. That’s all there is to be said about Beach Bowling Dream VR. I got about ten minutes of gameplay out of it, but as a bare-bones mini-game for bowling fans, it’s worth launching every so often.

What would I pay for it?  A simple, fun little time waster, Beach Bowling Dream provides almost no content, but makes up for this with an extremely low price. At just two bucks, this game is worth buying for anyone who enjoys bowling.


  • Decent bowling gameplay with acceptable physics
  • Limited, but viusally realxing environment
  • Low price


  • Almost no content
  • No stakes for doing well



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  2. I love the VR Grid

  3. I love the VR Grid

  4. I love the VR Grid

  5. I love the VR Grid

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