Star Chart

Star Chart is interesting to me as it’s these kind of experiences that could make VR more than just a toy.   Downloaded from the Oculus store for $5.79, this app allows you to explore the universe at your leisure.


It looks pretty, but like my mom said, “Looks aren’t everything”

This experience looks pretty good with planets and moons given a fair bit of detail upon close inspection along with the hand drawn placed over constellations, which is a nice touch and interesting to look at.   The problem is that’s basically where this universe ends.  Very little details are given about what you are looking (ie. Jupiter – Gas Giant) and that’s it.  Not detailing what you are looking at is a huge missed opportunity.  Traversing from object to object is also fun to look at with a kind of fast travel effect in place which never gets old.  The audio isn’t really anything to write home about.  It services the game, but is more background noise than anything spectacular.

Requiring only the Gear VR headset to navigate through space. Controls are simple enough.  This app to me is a missed opportunity at a unique way navigate and educate users on the Solar System and Constellations.  Space is barren, but it doesn’t mean these kind of apps have to be barren as well.  This experience feels empty and doesn’t hold your attention for very long.  Unless you’re a space nut or your kids are really into the universe, it’s hard to recommend this shallow tour of the universe.


  • Nice visuals


  • Lacks substance
  • Missing details limit experience
  • barely educational


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