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O! My Genesis VR

Publisher – XPEC Entertainment Inc
Price – US $2.99 / EU €2.99  / UK £2.49 / AU $4.55
Release date – November 4th, 2016
Move Support – Yes
Pro Patch – No
Digital only – Yes
Reviewed on – Standard PS4

Have you ever wanted to play god, helping your people grow and protect them from all that assails them.  Than this is for you.  You play as a god and you must build up the World(s) presented before you and help your followers survive in these hostile environments.  It’s a little on the cutesy side for sure, but polished mechanics make this one enjoyable.


Protect and help these little dudes flourish. That’s the name of the game.

Game play is pretty simple, especially with the aid of Phoebe, a cocky faerie who explains how the game works while complimenting herself on how good of a job she is doing.  With a Move controller in each hand you manipulate the planet before you.  You can see your 2 God hands on the screen and are required to aid your little followers into completing tasks that help, and yourself, grow in power.  Building shelters, mining, defence and worship are many of the tasks you will need to accomplish to advance in this game.  Having these little minions worship totems gives you special abilities like making rain or fire or other unique abilities.  Each of these abilities are needed to perform tasks, and as your population grows, you will need to delegate more and more.  A few enemies will try and hinder your progress though each can be dispatched easily enough using a different method for each enemy type.  Meteors will crash into your planet and it’s up to you to block them with your hands and protect your people.

This game is pretty polished using very cartoony models.  Animations are smooth and it’s pretty slick seeing the Universe rotate around your planet (I know that’s wrong, but that’s what it looks like!).  Other minor touches like distant planets and the Sun really do make you feel like you are a god in vibrant, alive universe.  Everything here feels organic, with all the creatures seemingly busy with whatever task they are assigned or think they should do. The audio as well is on the cutesy side, which can get a little old after a while, but that’s pretty standard for this genre.


Though a lot may be happening at one time, it never feels overwhelming

I’m sure your thinking that all sounds great and for the price this sounds like a must buy!  That may be true, but there is one catch.  There are only 2 planets available right now with the level select screen stating more are coming.  What this means is, in it’s current state, you can beat this game in less than 30 minutes.  Since this initial review 2 new planets have been released for an additional cost of $2.99 US apiece.

This is a fun, light-hearted God game with simple, intuitive mechanics that are both fun and slightly challenging.  If you enjoy God games than this is probably worth a buy.  The additional planets will add $6 to the cost but also add about another hour and half of gameplay so you are getting value for your dollar

What would I pay? 2.99US is justifiable for the base levels, if you don’t like it than you save $6 by not having all the content included in 1 download.  It’s a fun little game that utilizes VR controls quite well and looks pretty enough.


  • Visually polished
  • Fun gameplay
  • Great use of Move controllers


  • Only 2 stages currently available
  • Mechanics may be to simple for some
  • Not a lot of challenge


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