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Publisher – Psyop Inc
Price – US $6.99 / EU €6.99  / UK £5.79 / AU $10.45
Release date – October 13, 2016
Move Support – No
Pro Patch – No
Digital only – Yes
Reviewed on – Standard PS4


Care to have your fortune told? Perhaps see if the stars align in your favour or play a game of skill and chance and see where your luck lies? These are what Kismet can offer you and if that’s something you are interested in than this may be a nice little experience to add to your collection.

Need your fortune told from the comfort of your own home…in VR? Than let Kismet take care of you.

Upon starting the experience you are greeted by Kismet, the fortune teller.  After a quick intro she offers you the 3 choices mentioned above.  What stands out here is the presentation.  Everything is crisp and nicely animated from the inside of here caravan to the tarot cards themselves and even the stars featured in the horoscope.  The polish here really does stand out and you can tell a lot of effort went into making sure the experience was flawless.

The 1st option is a tarot reading where you pick 3 cards from a deck and listen to Kismet as she explains what each card means.  It works really well and though the fortunes are rather vague and generic, they still get the job done and can usually apply to something going on in your life.  The cards animate nicely as well, though the individual cards seem to only carry 1 fortune each so repetition will begin to show with multiple viewings.

The 2nd option is a horoscope reading where Kismet comment on both your astrological sign and you corresponding fortunes.  These are typically pretty detailed and as they are a reading of things to come, have more freedom to play with predictions than the tarot cards.  Once again though, after a few readings you may begin to here the some predictions.

The 3rd and final option is a game called ‘Ur’ where you play against Kismet in an attempt to get 3 buttons across a small board first.  Landing on an enemy button forces them to restart that piece from the beginning and 4 pyramid dice are rolled to determine how many spaces you can move your buttons.  Landing on certain squares will also give you a 2nd turn. It’s a simple game and it fun but it’s not something you will come back to a whole bunch.

Do you wanna play a game?

As I said the presentation here shines and if you are into this kind of thing in real life than you may pull a lot more out of this than the average person.  For the rest of us though, the fortunes are definitely vague and the board game is a nice little addition, but ultimately you may just not care about any of these options regardless.

What would I pay? $1.  I personally don’t care about this kind of stuff.  The Ur game is alright but doesn’t hold my interest and everything else I just don’t believe in…especially from a downloadable experience.


  • Good presentation
  • 'Ur' is fun...for a board game
  • Readings 'though vague' are fun to listen too


  • 2 of the modes last about a minute or 2
  • Very niche title
  • Tarot cards repeat themselves quickly


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