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Darkness Roller Coaster

If you’ve been looking for a decent roller coaster app, this is definitely one of the better ones out there.  Downloaded from the Google Play Store for about $1. You are in a mine cart and can choose from 1 of 2 paths, Adventure or Fantasy, and go for a ride.  With lots to look at you may enjoy going through each path more than once just make sure you see everything this app has to offer.  Besides the experience of traveling through some fantastic courses, you are given the added bonus of looking for 4 symbols hidden throughout each path.

The grammar is the scariest part of this game! Actually, that spider is pretty creepy as well!

As this is a cardboard specific game, the only controls are looking at items and objects long enough to trigger them.  Because of this, the menus and in game controls are super easy to use and intuitive enough to not interrupt any of the experience.  The visuals are impressive enough, in no way are they “real life” visuals but the darkness of the courses lends itself to the visual fidelity.  Once you complete 1 of the 2 courses, the game just starts you off at the beginning of the course whereupon you can choose your path again.  The added bonus of looking for the hidden symbols does give this app some legs, and although they aren’t hard to find, they add to the fun.  Sound also stands out as cheesy horror, but works great with the game and adds to it.  One note is that there was some shakiness at the beginning of the video, it went away quick, but seemed to happen every time the app was restarted

I’ve been looking for a decent roller coaster app for awhile and this, so far, is the best one I’ve found.  Easy to use, looks and sounds good and very inexpensive.  Although it is a short experience, running anywhere between 8 minutes to 20 or so trying to find the symbols, that’s really all you need from a roller coaster so it works great and is a worth to showing to friends not familiar with VR…fun times!!!


  • Great roller coaster fun!
  • Fun Visuals
  • Good sound


  • A little shaky at times
  • Once you do it all, no need to come back to it


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