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ShapeSpaceVR – Zen Parade

This is an odd kind of an experience.  Downloaded from Oculus store for $3.49 it’s basically just a 5 min looping video with melodic soundtrack playing throughout.  It’s a super simple experience and may only be enjoyed a small niche of people.


If looking at this image appeals to your senses, this may be the app for you!

This video is visually impressive as you basically float through a bunch of colorful shape changing blobs.  Everything is very crisp, clear and colorful.  Animations are smooth and while the blobs never take any real shape, you can’t help but find shape in them, like you’re watching clouds.   It’s around 5 min before the video ends, but an option to play on continuous loop is available to you, should you wish lengthen your experience.  Also accompanying you is an ambient song that sounds great, but the ‘OHAHOH’ rumbling voice that accompanies that track, to me, is very distracting.  It grated on me more like someone was jack hammering across the street than as a relaxing addition to the experience.  An option to turn that off would be greatly appreciated

Controls are simple.  You float along on your own watching the shapes slowly pass you by while just relaxing and taking it all in.  You can pause the video at any time to take a picture and continue on.  I found I did enjoy what was here (minus the OHAHOH guy) but I could definitely see where people might not get anything out of this app.  Beside the main movie there are a four still 360 images accompanied by music that you can just stare it and enjoy as well.

It all works as advertised and if you are into zen like or introspective experiences than you may get a lot out of this.  But if you are looking for a little more substance from your VR experience you may want to look elsewhere and an option to turn off vocal in the main track would have been nice.


  • Visuals are very nice!!
  • Audio is relaxing
  • A nice zen experience(if you like that)


  • 5 min looping video
  • Vocals get annoying
  • Definitely for a niche market


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