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News Blog

Where’s the reviews?!

Hey all, I’ll be taking a small leave (8 days or so) and in that time, no new content will be posted.  Sorry, and I’ll see you in 8 days!

Site issues

Hey everyone, after a recent update all the comments have been disabled on the site.  I’m working in it and am hopeful  I will have it resolved by tomorrow.  Sorry about this!

Merry Christmas

Hey all, I’ve decided to take a small break over Christmas so expect the content to be a little light until after the new year.  With that said, if anything PSVR related is released, I’ll do my best to be on top of that and check out my YouTube page for gameplay content!  Merry Christmas everyone!!! Ryan and the team at The VR Grid!

Site news

Besides just plugging away. I have been battling massive spam attacks so on the off chance you were a legitimate user and I accidentally removed your account, let me know and I can get that fixed.  It’s been hectic with reviews so those have been keeping me really busy and I’ve also been trying to bring more attention to the YouTube page, so follow me there if you like my PSVR and Gear...[Read More]

Where’s the reviews!?

Hey all, if your reading this, 1st of all, thanks.  With school back in full swing, mine and many of my reviewers have had to make schedule adjustments to accommodate our busy lives.  PSVR review will be still be coming full swing, this was just on off week with both games having press release issues.  As for the Vive and Rift; reviews are still coming, but the pace may be slower.  If you think yo...[Read More]

Site changes

Taking a hard look at how users are handled by the site.  Also rearranging ads and removing most of the generic ones.  Review pages have seen a more condensed format as as well.  Just working on the back end to make the front that much more pretty.

Site news

Well, the Runesage review is back up and much improved.  I have over 100 subscribers on YT so thanks to all of you who follow me there.  I recently picked up a Daydream headset so expect that section to be added to the home page soon.  Finally, I’m going to restructure my site, specifically the ads and make them less intrusive, or just pull or replace them with affiliate content.  For those ...[Read More]

Runesage review? Where did it go?

So after consulting with the Dev, and the reviewer, we mutually agreed to pull the review as it was incomplete in both it’s presentation and content.  I take full responsibility and extend my apologies to Mr. George Gilbert for misrepresenting his game and look to remedy this and avoid any more instances like this in the future.  A complete, revised review will be posted as fast as we can ge...[Read More]

Random news and updates

I can live stream again on YT (yaayyy!!!!) and will be doing so a lot more in between(and during) reviews. Shout out the PSVRlife podcast for shouting me out.  Check em out, they rock! Giveaways are gonna be light for a week or so, but fret not,  I’m working on stuff Thank you all for reading and following!!!

August 03 2017

Not much going on, in between a bunch of reviews.  Receieved my Thrustmaster T300 in the mail so  I’m stoked.  Just working on the back end trying to improve the site in little ways.  Thanks all for checking me out

Whats going on?

A busy week ahead with a few decent looking PSVR titles and some large Steam giveaways.  I’m going back through all the reviews and adding the Developer to all the reviews in the header as well as links to the deve and publisher websites.

July 14th – What’s going on?

Besides the usual reviews and giveaways I have also added a preview section to the site for upcoming releases as well as a friends section for those who have helped me grow and are putting out their own content! All on the homepage for easy access.

What’s been happening?

Just been busy, last weeks PSVR releases kept me pretty occupied with the next few weeks looking to be the same.  I was (very) recently a guest on the PSVRLIFE podcast and once that is up will featuring as many links as I possibly to that.  It was a fun experience and it’s nice to ‘talk shop’ with a fellow VR gamer!  Next giveaway will be announced tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting!

June 22 site news

Still plugging away.  Lost a few PC VR reviewers and hopefully picked up a few PC VR reviewers so only time will tell.  Staying on top of PSVR reviews as always and may expand my YouTube content to include PC stuff if I can work out a collaboration deal.

Post E3 random site news

With E3 done, I’m now going to just keep plugging away and tweaking the site.  I am debating on doing hardware reviews(headsets, controllers, foam replacements…) but not sure how much interest there is for that.  I will continue to stay on to of PSVR games and keep chipping away at the other headsets.

New reviews

New Gear VR review is up, Zed Shot.  I also took a 2nd look at the PSVR version of Special Delivery after a recent patch that made the game much more enjoyable so (re)check that review out if your interested.

E3 and other stuff

So the guys at Dimension Zero Studios have my site business cards at the Pico VR table so hopefully we get a few more return visitors.  Still tweaking the site, re-worked the ‘About’ page to better reflect the goals of the site!  Can’t stress enough to come back and check the giveaway section daily!

Site updates

So I’ve brought back the featured review on the home page,  only this time it will feature a random review or something I feel deserves more attention, or to coincide with a promotion of some type.  Messing with the sidebars as well to make for a smoother site navigation

Technical difficulties

So over the next few days I’ll be messing around with site.  On the the off chance you visit and it’s a mess, come back in a few minutes, you may see something new!

Site format changes and small tweaks ahead of E3!

Just some minor additions…including this blog.  May have added a few more PC reviewers as well.  Only time will tell

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