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Finally got my  Moga Bluetooth controller and it’s time to get to some meat and potato gaming. This will be the quick review for Dreadhalls with a complete review happening as soon as I beat the thing.


Visuals, while not stunning, are good enough to serve up a fair bit of scares

Setup was easy enough, pair your controller and your basically good to go. A few options are available to tweak your controller, but the stock settings worked fine for me. You start off in some kind of catacombs with really no direction other than looking down a hallway with a bunch of doors.  Going into a room or 2 finds you picking up oil for your lantern, which you must keep lit, and some other accoutrements that allow you to traverse the game.

Without any kind of ability to interact with the environment besides picking up stuff and using said stuff to trigger switches or open doors, you left an exploration experience only, which is not a bad thing. Once you make your ways a little further into this maze you find statues and other simplistic puzzles that are easy enough to get around. The first jump scare is kind of where this game takes a turn for the better.  Without ruining when or where this happened, I enjoyed it. Even though the visuals aren’t mind blowing, they are serviceable enough at immersing you in this world. Scares are kind of scary. After that it’s a rinse and repeat experience but still fun.


  • scary
  • immersive
  • fun


  • visuals aren't the best
  • puzzles are simple
  • a little repetitive


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