Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is a military arcade shooter in VR for single-player and co-op multiplayer.

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR adopts the same DNA as in the original iconic action rail shooter.


In Synapse, combine tactile firepower telekinetic abilities as you dive into a hostile mindscape.

Dead Hook

Dead Hook is an mix of rogue-like and shooter genre with brutal combat.


Breachers is a tactical 5v5 VR FPS.


Gambit is a 4 player co-op looter shooter.

Pavlov (PSVR 2)

Pavlov is a classic online military shooter with plenty of game modes

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

Switchback is a roller coaster light gun shooter and spiritual successor to Rush of Blood

Zombieland Headshot Fever Reloaded

Zombieland Headshot Fever Reloaded makes zombie killing a timed sport!

Star Wars Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition

Tales From The Galaxy's Edge Enhanced Edition is a VR shooter adventure.

Drop Dead: The Cabin

Drop Dead The Cabin pits you and a friend against hordes of monsters in this action packed survival game.

The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade is a roguelike shooter where you must fight to save the world from darkness.

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