Maskmaker is a magical puzzler full of fantasy and mystery

Floor Plan 2

A comedy adventure packed with more puzzles than you can fit in an elevator.


Yupitergrad puts you in the boots of a kosmonaut and has you swinging around a very dangerous space station.


Mare is puzzler where you help guide a mechanical bird and human girl through a strange world.

Suicide Guy VR

Suicide Guy is a puzzler that tasks you finding different way to kill yourself.

Vertigo Remastered

Vertigo Remastered is an immersive story-driven shooter incorporating the cutting edge of VR gameplay.


Form is an atmospheric, sci-fi puzzle game that presents varied challenges in a beautiful, surreal and avante-garde sci-fi environment.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole is a friendly little puzzler set in Lewis Caroll's Wonderland

Paper Beast

Paper Beast tasks you with solving environmental puzzles in a very strange world.


Coverts puts the VR player in the role of a master thief with a mobile user acting as a hacker in co-op action.


Separation is atmospheric and emotional puzzler set in a desolate open-world.


Profundum is puzzle game set in a steampunk world where you discover secrets lurking in a mysterious underground complex.

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