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Indiegala VR 9 Steam VR Giveaway via reddit!

Indiegala VR 9 Steam VR Giveaway via reddit!

Alrighty we are gonna keep this complicated.  Our next giveaway is for the Indiegala VR IX Bundle featuring 11 VR games compatible for the Rift and Vive.  To win you gotta leave a comment on the this reddit page about an upcoming game you are looking forward too or game in this bundle.  Here is the list of games included in the bundle.  Good luck!!

Fancy Slingshot VR

Fancy Trangram VR

The Gleam: VR Escape the Room


Mega Overload VR

Chamber 19



Fancy Fishing VR

Far Space


I absolutely love VR and look forward to every single game being released. I've been in love with games as long as I can remember and plan on playing them until I die!

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