Perfect Beach VR

I had high hopes for this little app and it does do some things right but overall is quite a bit less than perfect.  Downloaded from the Google Play Store for $1.29(Available on Gear VR for $3.49) and what you get is a nice relaxing beach spot where you can just relax and enjoy the ambience.  But even for a few bucks, you may want to vacation somewhere else.


Hey look, you have a body…a surprisingly rare occurrence in VR

I love the idea behind this app, even though it’s not really what I’m into VR for.  The premise is simple, put you on a VR beach/dock and enjoy the sounds and visuals as you sit back and relax.  Not good enough for you? Add in a meditation assistant to help you achieve zenful bliss.  The major problem with this experience is the visuals.  It looks like a low res game.  At first it looks fine but as you begin to look around you notice that trees don’t move…at all, even though wind sounds are present and that some of the surroundings are just 2 dimensional images.  On the dock you can look into the water and watch fish swim by, but the looking closely at the watery surface reveals a pixelated mess that detracts from the visuals.  The sound does its job with an optional radio and great ambient sounds that match the surroundings.

The added options for dusk viewings do add some flavor to the visuals, and it’s cool to see “your” body as you sit back and relax.  The meditation assistant as well seems like a nice addition for those that enjoy that sort of thing along with an optional radio for some generic light listening.  This kind of experience needs complete visual fidelity and that is missing here.  Not only is it missing but the more you notice how wrong things look, the more it detracts from enjoyment. It’s too bad because I think if this app did a better job it may be worth your attention, and although the price may be right your probably better off looking somewhere else for your next getaway.


  • Great Idea
  • Quality audio and mediation assistant
  • Good looking sunset lighting


  • Visuals are not good
  • Not much to do besides relax
  • You need to be REALLY be in the mood for this kind of experience


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