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Mudrunner VR

Developer / Publisher – Saber Interactive
Price – US $19.99 / CAN 25.51 / EU €19.99 / UK £17.99
Release Date – May 30th, 2024
Input – 2 x Motion Controllers
Play Area –  Sitting
Store Links – Meta
Reviewed on – Quest 3

No written review for this one though if you are looking for the bullet points and score, please scroll down to the bottom. Otherwise we appreciate you watching our video review! Thanks for visiting the website


  • Has some fun VR interactions
  • Driving & terrain physics are on point
  • Looks and sounds sharp
  • Fairly high fun factor if you like simulation challenges


  • Smaller in scale than the core games
  • No vehicle mods or upgrades
  • Map size isn't huge
  • Performance is up and down


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