Saving Princess Maya Ep. 1

Saving Princess Maya Ep. 1 is an exploration puzzler set in a fantasy world rife with content.

Nano Shift

Nano Shift VR is an adventure puzzle game with escape-room elements

Floor Plan (PSVR)

Floor Plan is an escape room puzzler like no other and will get you thinking 'outside the box'

Flipy’s Tesla! Let’s Invent the Future

Flipy's Tesla offers some educational VR puzzle solving, clearly aimed at a younger audience.


Rangi takes you on a Journey through African mythos and throws some slick audio and visuals your way as well as some fun puzzles.


Moss lets you control and guide a little warrior mouse on an epic platform-puzzler quest.

Boxed In

Boxed In is a fun and simplistic mobile-esque puzzle game that may be best played out of VR

Pop-Up Pilgrims

Pop-Up Pilgrims provides a different type of VR puzzler that is both fun and fresh.

Floor Plan: Hands On Edition

Floor is whacky puzzler unlike any other!


Form is an atmospheric, sci-fi puzzle game that presents varied challenges in a beautiful, surreal and avante-garde sci-fi environment.

I Expect You to Die

I Expect You Die is a cleverly disguised escape room type game with some insanely fun puzzles, comedy and a lot of deaths!

Twobit Odyssey

Twobit Odyssey is a 3D platform puzzler that has you guiding a spherical robot through a variety of fun and challenging puzzles.

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