Twobit Odyssey

Twobit Odyssey is a 3D platform puzzler that has you guiding a spherical robot through a variety of fun and challenging puzzles.

Flipy’s Tesla! Episode 1

Flipy's Tesla offers some educational VR puzzle solving, clearly aimed at a younger audience.


VirtuGO is a simple, puzzle game based around 1 mechanic and it's budget price is its saving grace.

The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit is a dark spin on the Alice in Wonderland tale that prides itself on some clever puzzles and little else

Escape Artist: The Trial

Escape Artist: The Trial is a short escape room game that doesn't do anything to separate itself from others in the genre

Perfect Angle VR – Zen Edition

Perfect angle is a pretty cool concept that should work better in VR...sadly this not the case in this unique, but flawed puzzler.

Phantasma VR

If you are a fan of story-driven psychological horror games with an extra dose of insanity than Phantasma VR is for you.

Onyx: Quest for the Midnight Stone

If you are looking for a puzzle game with a dash of full locomotion and exploration than you have found your next VR game!

Treasure Hunter VR

Treasure Hunter VR is great puzzle game for first-timers in VR for a good price. Veterans of the VR puzzle genre though may be left wanting.

Light Tracer

Light Tracer brings classic 3D platforming to VR with a unique, but flawed control scheme. Still, for fans of the genre, you'll still find some fun in this one.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul strives for horror greatness but falls short with unnecessary gameplay options and a convoluted plot. Those faults aside, there are some scares to be had in this creepy house of horrors.

Neptune Flux

Neptune Flux tickles that exploration and puzzle solving itch. Coupled with an intriguing storyline and budget price, this is probably worth your time.

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