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Street Champ

Street Champ, downloaded from the Oculus Store for $1(free in the Play Store!) is a VR version of Crossy Road.  Developed by Zynk Software Srl, these guys took a well worn formula, put it in VR and made a pretty fresh experience.

Street Champ img

These may just be the most dangerous streets you have ever crossed!

Requiring only the gear headset to navigate across the perilous streets ahead of you, a simple tap on the touchpad has you hop forward and onward to glory.   Bluetooth controllers are also supported as well for those that may want to be a little more comfortable.  The game is dynamic so every time you die (and you will die!) you start in a brand new level.  Streets range from easily passable single lanes to freeway sized monstrosities with traffic travelling in randomized direction, so you need to be quick, and for god sakes, look both ways before crossing!  Traffic speed is also randomized, requiring you to be very patient sometimes and very quick on the button for others.  It gets tense, especially the further you travel.  It is endless so the name of the game is to see how far you get, and try and beat that the next time you play.

The visuals here are nothing to scream about.  Everything is a very cartoony, very blocky and very colorful.  Vehicles are very boxy, but with enough toony details and variety to not detract.  What this game lacks in detail, it makes up for in clarity.  Everything is just clean and the color palette used makes this feel like a lighthearted game for children.  It’s not. Lacking is environmental variety, once you cross one road, ahead of you is the next road, and after that, another road… and so on.  Some different environments would be appreciated. The audio as well is just fine; vehicles quietly drive past you with a gentle hum of their engines and honk if you get to close.

Street Champ img 2

The visuals here are super clean, bright and colorful!

I had a lot more fun with this game than I thought I would.  It is a challenge and only gets harder the further travel.  The simple mechanic of looking both ways before proceeding gets intense.  Mastering you timing is key if you want to succeed and although patience may be key sometimes, mashing that hop button may just save you from getting hit.  Every death shows a scoreboard and your rank.  Every time I saw that board I felt like this game was taunting me and had me trying just 1 more time to beat my score.

Street Champ is a one trick pony, but it’s a fun trick.  I recommend this game, even for a $1.  It’s fun, challenging and a great VR spin on a classic genre.


  • Just plain fun!
  • Addicting
  • Pleasant visuals


  • Not a lot of envrionmental variety
  • More enjoyable in small doses
  • Repetitive


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