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Reveries: Dream Flight

Reveries: Dream Flight, developed by Multiverse, is currently available exclusively for the Gear VR and is  priced at $3 US.  Sit back and enjoy the ride in this rhythm based flight game navigating fantasy type levels with a little animé flare.


Visuals are a little more geometric than some and it looks great!

The object of the game is to collect floating diamonds that appear ahead of you, completing the song currently playing.  Every diamond you successfully collect makes the music sound complete. Ambience is the name of the game here and while flight isn’t exactly fast paced, I still found myself missing a Diamond or 2 every level because I was taking in my surroundings.  Every diamond you collect can be used to unlock more levels or things to ride so you may be replaying levels a few times, but given what’s on display here, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Requiring only the Gear VR headset; menu navigation is of the ‘look until something happens’ variety.  Want to start a level? Look at the start button until your reticle fills up and the level starts.  Stage navigation simply requires you to look where you want to go and fly there.  You don’t control your speed and the levels are linear, like you are flying in a large tube, so you have to be quick to catch all those diamonds.  Everything here is smooth and polished with no frame rate dips, though I did experience a little stuttering on my S7,but only on a few levels.  One minor note is that some diamonds seemed to appear quicker than others almost guaranteeing I missed them.  That doesn’t really detract from the game, but it was a minor annoyance.

One of the more visually stunning games available for the Gear.  The worlds before look amazing as you soar around, through and over different environments.  Forests, seascapes and more fantastic levels await you.  With 8 levels to unlock, each running around 5 minutes or less each, there is actually a fair bit to see.  Playing as a tiny girl on the back of a paper airplane (or other unlockable rides) you can try your best to not be distracted by all the visuals around you while collecting those diamonds.  The art style here is reminiscent of games like Lands’ End or Jump, but much more vibrant and alive.  Whales fly above your head and fantastic beasts roam the landscapes around you.  This game makes me feel like a leaf on the wind, and it really is something to behold.

Dream Flight

Some great, fantastic levels await you!

To get the full experience here, headphones are a must.  Tranquil music and sounds are in every level and you really do need to cut yourself off from the outside world to get their full effect.  Audio completes the game because when I missed a diamond it felt like I failed to complete the song playing.

This really is a calm, relaxing and fun experience.  Based upon the price of the game I expected half the amount of content.  With 8 levels and a few different things to ride, all with different visual flare there is plenty of content.  On your 1st playthrough of each level, you will be to focused on diamonds to fully appreciate what the game put around you, so a second play of each level, just to look around, is recommended.  The great soundtrack and beautiful visuals make this a must have for those looking for a little serenity in their VR gaming.

What would I pay? $3US is actually a steal and compared to other content similar to this and I’m surprised it’s not a bit more.  If this were $5 I don’t think I would complain.


  • Fantastic visuals and audio
  • Relaxing game
  • Lots of levels, content and replayability


  • Some visual stuttering
  • Unlocking all the content will require a lot of replays
  • Some Diamonds are hard to get



  1. I love it! The music is great with headphones (a must) and the graphics are good. Wish I could get a soundtrack to play in my car or at least find out the name of the music or musician. I use this for some of my examples of virtual reality for my friends This was far far better than I expected.

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