What’s been happening?

Just been busy, last weeks PSVR releases kept me pretty occupied with the next few weeks looking to be the same.  I was (very) recently a guest on the PSVRLIFE podcast and once that is up will featuring as many links as I possibly to that.  It was a fun experience and it’s nice to ‘talk shop’ with a fellow VR gamer!  Next giveaway will be announced tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting!

June 22 site news

Still plugging away.  Lost a few PC VR reviewers and hopefully picked up a few PC VR reviewers so only time will tell.  Staying on top of PSVR reviews as always and may expand my YouTube content to include PC stuff if I can work out a collaboration deal.

Post E3 random site news

With E3 done, I’m now going to just keep plugging away and tweaking the site.  I am debating on doing hardware reviews(headsets, controllers, foam replacements…) but not sure how much interest there is for that.  I will continue to stay on to of PSVR games and keep chipping away at the other headsets.

New reviews

New Gear VR review is up, Zed Shot.  I also took a 2nd look at the PSVR version of Special Delivery after a recent patch that made the game much more enjoyable so (re)check that review out if your interested.

E3 and other stuff

So the guys at Dimension Zero Studios have my site business cards at the Pico VR table so hopefully we get a few more return visitors.  Still tweaking the site, re-worked the ‘About’ page to better reflect the goals of the site!  Can’t stress enough to come back and check the giveaway section daily!

Site updates

So I’ve brought back the featured review on the home page,  only this time it will feature a random review or something I feel deserves more attention, or to coincide with a promotion of some type.  Messing with the sidebars as well to make for a smoother site navigation

Technical difficulties

So over the next few days I’ll be messing around with site.  On the the off chance you visit and it’s a mess, come back in a few minutes, you may see something new!

Site format changes and small tweaks ahead of E3!

Just some minor additions…including this blog.  May have added a few more PC reviewers as well.  Only time will tell

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