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11 Game PC bundle Draw Winners!!

So, assigning each of you a # and using a random # generator, the 2 winners of the indigala 11-game PC VR bundle are Tay and George.  Congratulations!!! I will email the game codes to the email addresses you provided when you commented.  Stay tuned for our next giveaway!

Our Next Steam Giveaway(11 Games!!!)

So next up is a chance to win Indiegala’s latest VR Bundle which includes 11 VR titles playable on the Rift or Vive.  I’m giving away 2 of these bundles in a random draw.  For a chance to win simply leave a comment on my review for Evil Robot Traffic Jam.  I will draw 2 names in 24 hours(or so). The Ruins: VR Escape the Room FriendShip Flock VR Evil Robot Traffic Jam HD Panzer Panic VR...[Read More]

The Ruins giveaway winners!!!

Congrats to Tony H, Michael, Dario and Stephen Chiu.  I sent you 4 all the steam codes via email so check your spam if you don’t see it.  Thanks to everyone else for commenting and stay tuned.  More steam codes will be coming shortly so check back later today for giveaway updates!!!

What’s next? Stay tuned!

Twitter give away is closed, thanks to those that shared.  I’ll PM you the code.  I’ll draw names for ‘ The Ruins’ giveaway shortly.  Thanks to all that shared and stay tuned.  I’ll announce the next giveaway later today

2 Giveaways now, 1 ending today

Still have some time left for our twitter giveaway for the Gear VR game Astroblasters, drawing names today.  Also, leave a comment on ‘The Ruins VR Escape Room’ review for a chance at 1 of 4 steam codes!

Astroblasters Giveaway for the Gear VR!

We are giving away 3 more codes for Astroblasters blasters via twitter.  Click this link and share to win! Name draw in 2 days!

ERTJ giveaway update

Congrats to the 4 redditors who won ERTJ steam codes.  Next give away will be soon!

Evil Robot Traffic Jam Giveaway

We are giving away 4 steam codes for Evil Robot Traffic Jam HD for the HTC Vive on Reddit. Click here for the link.  I’m drawing names in a few days

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