Wave Shooter


Astroblasters is an arena based wave shooter where you defend against a wide variety of robot combatants with your trusty laser, and for the asking price, you get a lot of bang for your buck!

Ghosts in the Toybox: Chapter 1

Ghosts in the Toybox; Chapter 1 gives us some nice looking, cartoonish visuals and some uninspired wave shooting gameplay.

Blue Effect VR

Blue Effect is a wave-shooting, sci-fi horror VR game that delivers a unique, but short-lived thrill.

Sneaky Bears

Sneaky Bears has received an update that makes the game more fun, challenging and replayable. If your looking for a wave shooter, than this one is now alright.

Blasters of the Universe

If you want to play a funny, retro-arcade, bullet-hell, first-person-shooting VR game, this is the only title that satisfies such a niche craving. Some of the most fun you can have in VR!

Zed Shot

It may be more zombie killing action, but the head shots alone are worth the price of admission.

ROM: Extraction w/ Overrun Update

ROM: Extraction is a practically perfect wave shooter and a must play if you love that genre.

Archer E. Bowman

Archer E. Bowman is a stock wave shooter with some colorful, pleasant visuals. It's not the most in depth wave shooter, but if your looking to kill some baddies, this should scratch that itch.

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